"You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you."
~John Bunyan 

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Schools are at the heart of every community, and community is at the heart of every school. This is especially true in Nixa. For generations the community and schools have served one another remarkably well. The Nixa Education Foundation has been established to ensure this relationship continues to thrive for the many generations of eagles to come.

The foundation truly is an investment- it is an organization formed exclusively for the purpose of generating financial resources to meet the needs of Nixa Public School's students, faculty, and organizations. The Nixa Education Foundation secures financial resources to support quality education through innovative programs, creative opportunities, and imaginative approaches. These programs enrich the curriculum, inspire students and staff, and expand the community's involvement in public education. Teachers throughout the district can apply to the NEF for grants, which are awarded by the board of directors based on need and value to the community educational vision. In this way, the NEF is a long-term, community supported solution for the varied short-term financial needs of Nixa's classrooms and curriculum.

Please explore the site to learn how grants from the NEF have already helped the schools of Nixa and how you can become a donor.