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Share Your Gift

Would you like to contribute to a NEF fund or the spring 2022 Gala? Monetary and prize gifts are a great way to support your local school district and are tax-deductible. 


If you have questions about prize donations for The Gala, please email Mark McGehee at: 

If needed, we can arrange to pick up donations at your convenience. 


Thank you for your support of NEF, which directly benefits the kids, school and community of Nixa.

There are numerous opportunities for you
to serve. 

  1. The Gala - sponsorships, advertisements, solicit monetary and prize donations,  decor, design and setup of event.

  2. Newsletter - assist in creating and maintaining a quarterly newsletter that focuses on Nixa's kids, school and community.

  3. Future planning/events - We need your ideas--big or small. NEF is always looking for ways to serve our community.

Connect With Us!

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Call us at: 417-724-6270

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