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 One of NEF's 'claims to fame' is the annual grant opportunity for certified, full-time staff in Nixa Public Schools. The purpose of these grants is to help enrich the classroom, or even pushing outside the classroom, opportunities for students. Anything from current event newsletters to books, technology, field trips, or even service learning projects, NEF is there. We've provided over $100,000 worth of grant money that have been funneled directly back into the classrooms of each school building in Nixa Public Schools. It is with the help of many numerous donors and volunteers that this much awaited annual event is possible.

Over the years, NEF has provided over


to teachers and students for a better education.


Click here to apply for grants

It's fast and easy!

Please note that the NEF grant application is available for current NPS full-time employees to apply. 


Once open, the Spring 2022 grant applications will be accepted through February 28th at 3 p.m.

Questions? Email us at

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